Chiropractic Helps People Avoid Back Surgery

In our Cincinnati, OH practice, we see plenty of patients who are suffering from back pain, and a few of these patients have been informed they might need surgery to recover. Thankfully, Dr. Newman has helped many people get relief without the need for any type of surgical treatment. The scientific research agrees with the success we see in our office. One study published in the journal Spine found that seeing a chiropractor as your first step in overcoming with your back problems may actually keep you out of the operating room....

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Chiropractic: Safe for Everyone

We tend to a large number of people in our Cincinnati, OH clinic, and Dr. Newman has helped countless people overcome a variety of health problems. Even so, the primary worry that seems to stop a lot of folks from pursuing treatment is whether or not chiropractic care is safe. Well, according to three separate studies (out of countless on the subject), the answer to this concern is a clear: "Yes! Chiropractic is safe!"...

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Chiropractic: Great for Neck Pain Recovery

According to The American Academy of Pain Medicine, more Americans suffer with chronic pain than diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer combined. What's more, neck pain is the third most documented type of pain, beat out only by back problems and headache. Not surprisingly, a lot of people come to our Cincinnati, OH office looking for neck pain care, and Dr. Newman has helped many of them find relief. This is a smart decision, as some studies have shown that over 90 percent of neck pain patients benefit from chiropractic care....

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